xExchange V3.0: Making Powerful DeFi Simple!

Testnet is live! Head over to testnet.xexchange.com to try out the new features and give us your feedback below as a reply to this post or on Telegram.

We’re excited to introduce the first iteration of xExchange V3, as part of a major transformation! Our goal is to make it the easiest to use on-chain exchange in the world, and we’re taking some big steps to achieve that.

What’s new?

  1. Liquidity, Farms, Metastaking (only the dual farm positions) have been merged into a single page: Pools page. Each pool has a separate page with a lot of useful info.

  1. Metastaking (only the simple token staking) has become the Stake page. Can be used to stake RIDE the classic way (as an example) OR from any other token.

  2. Boosted Metastaking is now here as a new utility for XMEX. Available for both Dual Farms and Stake modules

  3. Dashboard has become the Portfolio page where all positions can be managed. (In v2 users had to go to the specific pages). Upgrade/Close position pages have been added to help with managing positions.

  1. Create position page that enables the creation of pool/farm/dual-farm positions the classic way or from any token.

  1. The battery concept attached to energized XMEX is now more intuitive, with a new interface and several new pages to add/charge/discharge/remove/merge the battery cells.

  1. Energy rebasing: the Energy ratio is adjusted, with 1M MEX locked for 1 day providing 1 Energy point (a 1 Million downscaling as compared with V2).

  2. New Energy Leagues names: Following a community vote on the xExchange Agora, the Energy Leagues rankings have been renamed. The Energy threshold of the first league (Bronze - previously Edison) has been changed from 0 to 5 Energy.

  3. Notification toasts have been hidden and you can find them in the sidebar

  4. A new token select that makes using locked tokens (XMEX, LKLP, LKFARM, etc) much easier (no more double selects).

  5. A lot of pages permit managing positions/batteries one at a time/partial/multiple at the same time.

  6. Mobile friendly design with slide-up menus for easier access

  7. When XMEX pool/farm positions are created, they aren’t automatically merged with the existing ones. Instead, they (LKLP and LKFARM) can be merged manually from the Merge batteries page where you can see a preview of the new unlock date.

  8. Users won’t need to remember anymore that they must claim their boosted rewards before reducing their energy in order not to lose boosted rewards. This is because, now, reducing their energy won’t make them lose their boosted rewards anymore.

  9. Users won’t need to choose anymore which farm position inside a farm they want to boost because, now, they will be able to boost all their farm positions.

  10. Users will be able to increase the energy of the XMEX inside their EGLD-XMEX LP or farm without having to break the position and recreate it.

  11. Users will be able to swap EGLD → ESDT (& send) in one transaction, to swap ESDT → EGLD (& send) in one transaction.

  12. Users will be able to harvest all rewards (boosted + fees collector) in one transaction and to reinvest all (boosted metastaking single) in one transaction.

What’s coming next?

xExchange V3.0 will follow a phased release, with more features to be rolled out following the Mainnet launch:


  • Discover program: set to replace Metabonding, the brand new Discover program will completely reimagine the way projects interact with their communities. Focusing even more on rewarding active community engagement by completing project-specific tasks each week.


  • Gasless swap towards EGLD: use the DEX to make swaps with bridged assets without holding EGLD - useful for new users joining the ecosystem.

  • Position Closer: exiting any open farm position in just 1 click.


  • Premium accounts: providing eligible users with more tools to streamline their DeFi experience, including an Auto Claim feature for weekly rewards, an advanced trading interface featuring price charts or market trades, and more. More details on how to enable the premium account will be unveiled closer to the release date.

Let the discussion begin!

  • What are your first impressions of the new xExchange?
  • What features are you most excited about?
  • What feedback do you have for further improvements?

Congrats for the work !!
In energy (addind new cell) when tou try to add energy using xegld it says not enough gas.
I keep trying the beta:slight_smile:
Tx: bd82e1a1cf8ceaa460a0ecf439e7da4300ffde619041a796381dcd0a9916431f

Great overall improvements, much more simpler for users !

Have you thought about evolving the rewards in xMEX by voting for the pools you want to receive the most rewards, like the bribes on AshSwap?



Yes good updates overall for simplifications and understanding,

But what of the need to be able to vote on mex allocation ? Same we need a bribing feature to highlight pools and incentives users to vote for them, it’s how a dex function nowadays.

And also we need to have a clearer vision on our reward, a feature to show the protocol APR with all the stream rewards …

We need to be able to harvest only mex and not xmex, meaning discharge is automatically done behind the scene.

It’s my point of view over this.

Good day to all.

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Mon adresse est en shard 0, et je n arrive jamais à faire passer une seule transaction, j attends depuis quelques minutes
Si l interface est superbe, excellent travail, facile d utilisation,je n’ ai pas encore tout regardé mais c est excitant

Tout à fait d’accord avec toi

Hi, when I try to enter EGLD/USDC pool with only EGLD, transaction failed

Hash of the transaction 56320dbe861aedff1376e8f24c56e18e393e248881ad9ecb4a1926e42b5394d2

Layout and function is great!

Single token LP not working for me though. Trying to add xEGLD to EGLD/RIDE pool and it gets stuck on pending.

Hash: cd3fd40cd6c81eaefe91fa961851217fb59d38dca0b0ff3dbf5dd7b08114ac90

Looks like cross shard isn’t working at all which may be the cause of the issue above.

I tried a simple swap and that is Pending forever as well. My main wallet is shard 0.

EDIT: I’ve been told this is an issue with xportal and Guardians so maybe not v3 related.

Looks good! Excited to try it out further when launched on main net. I am very curious to see what is planned for the metabonding side of things, and very good to see that Tada has done so well, bringing value to the xMex holders. Steadily building things out, good to see.

Personally I do believe that the value prop for the Mex token just isn’t there yet. Maybe it needs a Mex staking option, or a way to be paid out in Mex (not xMex) as mentioned in a reply above. Maybe a more aggressive fee collecting, for example have 0.1% of swaps go to burn and another 0.1% go to distribution, basically doubling the fees but also rewarding the core users more. Obviously less need for this if metabonding/discovery is improved a lot.

Anyway this is a step in the right direction and good luck implementing all of it. Thanks for the hard work, keep it up. Oh and if there’s not enough liquidity in a pool, making swaps very expensive, I think the team needs to supply liquidity somehow. Or perhaps make the rewards bigger so that enough liquidity is drawn to where the problem is. We need to be able to swap to/from WETH or WBTC for example, without losing a lot of money in the process.

In all of these things, communication to the community is key. We need updates as to what is coming exactly, and when it becomes clear what the timeline is, simple and concise updates as to what is planned. Then, if a deadline is missed, clarity on why and what’s the updated planning.

Simply put, way more clarity with regards to the roadmap in general would be a BIG positive for someone like me. Just my two cents, appreciate the effort in any case. Cheers

Loving the new v3 xExchange …find it easier to use , the improvements with the battery management is superb. Shout out to the team that put it all together. Connected via the web wallet and find it to disconnect often with error message failed to display some infor then Invalid password

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Hi @novert !

Please, be sure to read the guideline of the Agora before posting. It’s an english only forum and your post is off-topic. I will anwser you in Direct Message regarding your problem !

There are 4 main things that I think stop users- UI/UX, inability to put limit orders, trading fees and capital efficiency.
UI is super clean now
I think limit orders can be integrated.
Trading fees and capital efficiency can not be improved on AMMs, we have to discuss other methods.

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Hey @hakim , a lot of “not enough gas” issues have been fixed during the last week, and I think this one has been solved too. Could you please retry and confirm me it has been fixed? :pray:

Hey @xfoudres , regarding bribing, this is something that is under consideration, but we don’t have figured out the best design. The main concern with normal bribes is that people could allocate rewards in a way that is not optimal for xExchange. If you have some thoughts on how to best allocate XMEX farm rewards across pools, please open a topic. I would be really curious to read your thoughts! :pray:

Thanks @angie44120 for your feedback! Took notes of it :pray:

Hi @novert ,

Do you still encounter this issue? :pray:

Hi @groium ,

The issue should have been fixed last week. Please confirm me it works on your side :pray:

Hi @dbcrypto , do you still have these issues? If yes, please DM me on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @LucasWillems

And I will create a group with some team members in order to investigate.

Hi @pompalot , thanks a lot for sharing your feedback and thoughts! :pray:

Regarding the communication, we’ve given the roadmap with releases v3.0, v3.1, v3.2 and v3.3.

Is there something additional you would want to know?