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Share all your feedback (bugs, improvements, etc.) on xExchange v3 testnet release: https://testnet.xexchange.com

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I couldn’t find an easily accessible faucet - integrating it at the top or bottom of the site as Autoscale do seems appropriate. Being able to retrieve all the tokens needed to test the entire protocol with just one click, would be great.

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What exactly should I look for? For me, now, I think it’s all the same with actual mainnet version.

It looks virtually exactly the same.
Only difference I saw is when you login choosing your wallet icons look different.

I’m not sure what I’m looking at that is different.

My largest pet peve is that I can’t see listing prices without logging in. So I usually go to another app.just to check prices.

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@mathis-hyperia-labs @rocko @xadam xExchange v3 has not been released yet. I was preparing the category in the Agora because xExchange v3 testnet release is going to be released very soon :eyes:


it would be nice to add a bar or boxes (25/50/75/100%) for swaps to adjust the proportion of tokens more quickly, as on Anvu.

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Hello, I would like to give you my feelings after my first hands-on.

When I opened it I felt lost, after browsing through the menus it was worse. The homepage offers several tools, including Pool, Farm, Dual Farm, whatever the chosen function you arrive on the same page, this homepage is useless and childish in the design in addition to leading to misunderstanding. When you want to create a liquidity pool, you also have the option of choosing farming or dual farming. Since all the tools are on the same page, why multiply unnecessary menus? An Earn link with a Pool, Farm, Dual Farm subtext would be sufficient and more understandable. I don’t know if my feeling is good, but that’s the idea I have.

Regarding the portfolio page, it’s interesting but the information is not concentrated enough. Lots of empty space.

In an exchange, the purchasing function should be in the foreground and not relegated to an obscure submenu.

Finally, apart from the very interesting technical advances, it is really disappointing for an exchange not to have the basic trading tools. Improving the UX is important but not at the expense of features. I imagine that the Trade menu will be about these tools because calling it a simple swap seems a bit ridiculous at the moment.

Thank you for your work, I hope this exchange will evolve very quickly and in the right direction.

PS: I hope the machine translator did its job properly.

Hey there.
I went through v3 on testnet.
Could’t swap egld to usdc slippage exceded even at 20%

The batteries are way more confusing then previous energy system, would be nice to se as previous when can recharge to max…

Closing farm position not working.

Information and how it’s displayed on the portofolio it’s really poor, also on position can’t se the amount that i hhave staked in stake, also the same isues in the farms and dual farms.

I can’t see my existing positions wwhen i enter in the stake and farm menus.

Overall i see improvement but in my opinion UX and UI needs a lot more improvement.

Very much like the way how creation of new position work especialy the creation from any coin.

That’s a wwrap for wwhat i exxperienced with v3.



Besides the known bugs and errors, I got a Q and I hope I will get an answer to it from @lucaswillems or any other core: It’s 2024 and you still avoiding limit orders, won’t say anything about futures, but come on guys, WHY? Didn’t you see already that farming and metabonding and all of those farming and farming didn’t bring enough people?
Open the doors for bridges and let people involve in trading, farming it’s good, but I think it’s an “old dog”.

My opinion is that people had enough on locking tokens and waiting to unlock or the price for tokens to raise.

Some errors on TXs when trying to add tokens on farming and to pool. Left those errors on tg.

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I’m trying from few days already to create a normal farm or dual farm and the transaction do not go through. Neither buying mex and lock for xMex. idk if it’s xexchange or just me…?


Hey everybody, I’m just seeing now your messages @gianopi @zoli1964 @rocko @curiosity . Thank you very much for the feedback you’ve shared :pray:

@gianopi The homepage you saw was a devnet homepage, just for the testing, and not the final homepage at all. You can already see that the homepage right now on devnet has significantly approved and addressed nearly all your feedback:

And that’s not even the final version. A new improved page will come soon.

@zoli1964 Regarding the batteries, we’ve simplified this part.

@gianopi @rocko The team is not avoiding any of these features. The team has focused on fixing the broken things. Those are planned and will come.