A Radical Proposal for Radical V3 Visual Upgrade - XMEX Sacrifice

Disclaimer No disrespect intended by this proposal - I have 0 insight as to the technical and creative challenges of creating the V3 front end, and I am sure a lot of work and thoughtfulness has been put in already.

Humbly asking, would it be possible to hire/consult/collaborate with the design team who created Hatom-affiliated https://www.syfy.io/ for the v3 upgrade? It is clear they have masterful quality and I believe the Xexchange deserves the same caliber of visual.

If anyone has seen the https://www.syfy.io/ website, I think this is incredibly visually appealing and more in line with what I expect for a top Dex on a next gen L1 such as we have.

I would be willing to commit 50% of my XMEX, and perhaps more, if cost is the prohibitive factor for achieving this aesthetic. Perhaps others would also be willing to invest.

For many Defi enthusiasts, the Dex is really where they will spend the most time interacting with MultiversX and it becomes a representation of the whole ecosystem, and the whole ecosystem would benefit from having a ultra cool design such as Syfy has.

Once again - sorry if this is offensive or impossible - no disrespect intended.