xExchange v3 - Summary Changes from v2

I’m probably arriving a bit late, but I haven’t seen a discussion summarizing all the changes that will take place in xExchange v3.

What are the improvements in terms of Smart Contracts? Regarding the front end? Regarding the Tokenomics of Mex - XMEX? The use cases, etc.

Would it be possible to have an overview of the changes and what they will imply?

I’m asking for several reasons:

  • As an Investor (holder of Mex). :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • As a Builder, because it’s a huge project, and I’m sure other builders in the ecosystem would have been/would be delighted to contribute to the construction of this central piece of the ecosystem. :classical_building:

  • Because xExchange is the largest Decentralized Exchange of MultiversX, and this v3 will have a systemic impact on the entire ecosystem. :currency_exchange:

  • Because I am convinced that it is through sharing and exchange that beneficial ideas emerge. :exploding_head:

I know, @lucaswillems , you must be overwhelmed… and i’m sorry to ask you this summarize :sweat_smile: but it’s also for this reason, that once we have a clear vision of v3, and what we can expect, it will allow us (members of the ecosystem) to anticipate, and we will all be delighted to support you. (And that’s already the case, don’t hesitate to tell us/me how we/I can help you.) :handshake:


Hey @mathis-hyperia-labs ,

Such a summary should arrive pretty soon :wink:

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The interface is cooler and it seems smooth.
My only suggestion is to move analytics page in the top of the menu. From my pov a user wants to see first the prices…after the farming lp metaboinding and so on. Seems a bit hidden, when it should be featured.
The rest is ok, all the operations went smoothly.
Everything done from phone

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Hi. I started the testnet for xExchange, but the first two transactions (creating a battery cell and buying MEX) don’t complete. They stay in an infinite state of processing. I attach a screenshot.

P.S. In the end both transactions failed. And now the page doesn’t transmit any new transaction to xPortal to be signed.

Ok that’s great ! Thanks :handshake:

Hi @flaka ! Thanks for your feedback. Taking note :writing_hand:

Hey @adrianab ,

A lot of bugs have been fixed during the last week. Could you tell me if the issue still happens?

Note: The transactions staying in pending could be due to the fact that the testnet is not as much as reliable as the mainnet.