The launchpad to be modified

Create a system like Binance to block Mex,Wegld,Egld,USDC to receive coins from projects to launch in launchpad but no tickets because Hatom project was a total disappointment in the beginning

how it would help to not be dissapointing with launchpad project? any clue??


For example, at Binace you block BNB to receive rewards in the coin that is launched, you don’t have to buy it because you block more EGLD, mex, usdc, wegld you get more coins, I don’t think you will be as affected as when you would buy them

but those launchpads are to get projects funded. if you recieve it (if i understood), not bought it, there is this part missing. binance with revenues can afford to fund it themselves. mvx not.


Hi guys,

Interesting discussion! Indeed, if in exchange of locking tokens users would receive tokens for free, how would the projects get funded?

As the xExchange Agora is for discussing about xExchange and xExchange only and this discussion is regarding the launchpad, I am going to close this thread, but feel free to continue it on MultiversX Agora:

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