VOTE in xExchange for Mex Allocation and whitelisted Tokens for FARMS


Well will the team ever plan to give MEX holders, the possibility to vote on how we wanna attribute xMEX rewards and to wich projects we wanna give possibility to add or remove farm allocation, like on Ashswap for example ?

Thanks for responding, i know it’s kinda sensitive topic but should be debated in my opinion no ? :slight_smile:


Yes, of course, that’s in the plan to allow MEX holders to decide on this.

However, all together we need to think more precisely how it should be implemented because we don’t want to force the MEX holders to vote for each and every farm rewards reallocation.


Does MultiversX not get a percentage of the coins launched on the platform? if not to participate in the launch of the project and buy from the first round of sales as investors and after a part of the coins give it to those who Block Mex for 1,2,3,4 years and release every month a percentage of the number of coins received so as not to affect the launched project and for those who block EGLD on 1,3,6,12, let it be the same, as an investor you buy at a much lower price and when you launch the coin on Xexchange you automatically launch it at a different price correct, I would also help the adoption for mex and for EGLD and those who give up will only receive as long as they stayed with the blocking coins.

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