Launchpad project airdrops and ecosystem growth

Propasal for ecosystem growth

There are a growing number of ecosystems rewarding their users/stakers with airdrops.

Upon notification of airdrops the underlying token receives alot of trading and exchange withdrawals giving the tokens volatile price movements generally to the upside.

With a positive movement in price and airdropped tokens the ecosystem would drastically grow in userbase and staked tokens. This would also attract more traders and push the daily trade volume higher also bringing more eyes.

Currently alot of people are excluded from token launches causing less participation in the launches. I have personally been excluded from the last couple which I definitely would’ve participated in.

I so believe EGLD sould be the only token and MEX should solely be staked for exchange fee rewards. The trading and liquidity pairs should also be in USD. Liquidity rewards should also be in the underlying LP token with some extra MEX rewards. Structure to be similar to Uniswap.

With the current hype around AI a chatbot like chatgpt would also be an epic integration feature for the Xwallet

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