Buying Launchpad Ticket with XMEX

in this screenshot during xDay 2022 Lucian Todea presented $MEX 2.0 on its new form and he also claimed that we could buy Launchpad tickets with XMEX, this information was buried and forgotten,

Is it possible to open this path today?

since the MultiverseX team encouraged people to block their MEX for a metabonding boost and a launchpad ticket that no one received, $MEX lost 75% of its value, it would be cool to think of those who have lost and make them enjoy a little

some even locked their MEX while planning to buy launchpad tickets with it.


they also presented mex/xmex as first class citizen… on maiar (with its MEX token)

if it is maiar exchange, then there should be MEX(xmex) pools instead of EGLD. It should not hurt EGLD because still…there will be egld/mex. And egld is on many exchanges. You would give more utility to buy mex. More utility → more interest → more/higher price etc… Or get listed on more exchanges, which cist money.

So for liquidity purposes. Spread xmex(mex) to pools intead of egld. Or make listing on some exchanges with volume, so no dex on mvX, unfortunatelly.

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that ticked was reserved ONLY for those who didn’t win any in the lotery… i readed it. so it was useless, until you have only few possible tickets. i had many, so. :man_shrugging:t2:

Hello guys!

I think the wording in the slides was a bit inaccurate. There, we meant that holding XMEX would allow you to buy launchpad tickets.

Maybe but still.Xmex should be treated with more utility.I hope mvx had something in mind in the future

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