NFT Collection for MEX first holders

How about an NFT collections with perla and rewards for all the holders of MEX airdrop that are still in the initial receiver wallet?

I think this is a way of rewarding those who are here, still here from the early days of the xExchange.


Welcome on the Agora @btim !

What should be the terms in your opinion? Who should be eligible more precisely? What should they receive?


The principle is to additionally reward the hodlers of the bootstrapping period with an NFT that will give a slight advantage for the next launchpad projects or an additional boost for the xmex.


It should be. Community has suffered so much laste years. They should receive sthing back.


why not 5 levels of rarity Nft, Tesla, Newton, Ohm,… :slight_smile:


I think the leagues themselves are “gamification” enough based on the MEX holding. Creating NFTs would just add more confusion to something that is already complex for certain users.

The more Energy and therefore MEX you have, the more rewards you receive. And I understand some of us bought MEX but the earliest got them airdropped. So it didn’t come at a costs for the earliest users.

On the other hand, maybe there could be a airdrop system integrated inside xExchange? Any branded token can do an airdrop based on each league.
Want to send x tokens to Ohm league? You send them to xExchange and it appears in their claimable rewards with a clear distinction that it was an airdrop.