Implementing airdrops instead of metabonding

I would strongly propose for the team to think about changing the metabonding system. It would be much more attractive, including for new adoption, an airdrop system similar to the one on Cosmos.

Think about it. Even low stakers would prefer an instant 5$ in new tokens than 20 cents per week for two years. It would be a great way to attract new users, but also to promote the tokens launched. Maybe the projects could help each other by offering boosts on the airdrops for staking other tokens and so on. But the current metabonding system is really only a source of frustration for the users and not really helping MEX or EGLD. And certainly not the ESDTs.

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Hi @adrianab,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts here! :pray:

The current version of the metabonding program is already an airdrop, no? As people get tokens without having to do anything?


Hello. Yes, but it isn’t an incentive for the users, because the weekly very low reward doesn’t help anyone, not even the ones having a lot of locked MEX. Now it isn’t really an airdrop system, as much as a little drip of tokens. Not the name airdrop in my post was the real issue, but the system of airdropping. For comparison, as I said in my post, look of the ramifications and hype created by the Cosmos Hub system, and than look at ours.

P.S. It is all kinds of wrong to say that people get tokens without having to do anything. Such an airdrop doesn’t exist or would be a kind of scam. You always have to do something for an airdrop, including for metabonding, as you know. The only question is if the doing something/getting rewarded for it ratio is good or at least fair, in some cases extraordinary. Would you say the ratio is at least fair with metabonding?

Hey @adrianab ,

The thing is xExchange cannot decide on the amount of rewards that distributed to users as rewards belongs to the projects and they are the one deciding.

So if rewards are too low, xExchange cannot directly increase them.

What xExchange can do is to make the metabonding program more value such that projects will want to give away more rewards.

We have been working hard on this and a new program should come out in the near future.

I think what @adrianab is trying to say is that, rather than planning a long-term distribution that might seem unrewarding for users, we should do a one-time distribution in the same way as an airdrop on Cosmos, where Celestia stakers, for example, regularly get airdroped from new projects.

The problem with this type of distribution is ensuring that there is enough liquidity and buying pressure at the time of listing so that the impact on the price is minimal. It is therefore essential that this is accompanied by a listing on Big CEX, otherwise it could kill off the price of new tokens on xExchange.

On the other hand, it could be an option for projects. Either participate in classic metabonding, or an one time airdrop for xMEX holders, governance voters, and so on. An interesting dynamic could be created for Launchpad projects, but this must keep pace with strong demand, otherwise it will be very bad for them.


Thanks @xfoudres for the further explanation! Clearer to me now! :pray: