Airdrops of new projects to xmex holders based on energy

Just a thought as the bull approaches… it would be a great way to show supporters they matter by doing airdrops of new xexchange listing/projects similar to eth and sol … create some genuine buzz around xexchange and mex… airdrop hunters will have to buy mex for a shot at the next x1000 airdrop …thoughts?


I think thats kind of the Idea behind metabonding, but its still not implemented right. I’m sure cool things will come on xExchange V3.

Agreed but i was thinking of a 1 off airdrop similar to uniswap and other like that …the weekly payout is good but new people follow the money and hype …now if $100+ was airdropped and it turned into 10k that would certainly get peoples blood pumping​:wink::grin:

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That is 100% true, the markets are ran by emotions and hype is the main cause. I think that maybe metabonding should also implement this in some way. Have the weekly drip of tokens that keeps people engaged, but also 1 time airdrops that creates hype and brings new people.

Hi @erd1w9ah0_9kszqmdkn

As we saw, Multiversx & xExchange team supports the hard working and genuine projects, we already have a few examples like Hatom, Ashswap, maybe Burnify?
They are open for suggestion, but they cannot create new tokens just to do airdrops. If a serious team/project has something in mind they can approach xExchange/Multiversx team and they will find a middle ground.

I’m not a part of xExchange/Multiversx team, thats just my opinion and just what i saw from twitter/discord/etc.

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Agreed i wasnt implying the xexchange team should create a token just that they should encourage and support this kind of approach😁