Mex utility and grow adoption

Hi, I wonder when mex will become what he must be. You can add one option (one switch) in xExchange to have posibillity to pay fees 50% off with mex, with a smartcontract. In fact, that’s what a exchange token must do, add benefits for exchange users, mostly on lower fees. We also grow adoption in xExchange too, because with swap from xPortalApp and other exchanges from ecosystem, I bet xExchange don’t have too many active daily users right now.
Xmex holders can vote for this future in xExchange.
In my opinion, this is the best role for mex … the only one utility he was born to serve.


Hi @dorsoft , welcome on the Agora! :raised_hands:

What do you mean by “pay fees 50% off with MEX”? Are you referring to transaction gas fees or swap fees?

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Hello, tranzaction fee should be 50% discount on swap, only in xExchange. Imo, that’s a exchange token first role… even binance have lower fees if you hold some bnb for fees …
I was on devnet on maiar exchange, and in all tests, mex was going down … it’s hard to give value to a free token offered to community …