Add $MEX burn and token distribution for ALL TOKENS

it will be necessary to change part of the transaction fees to Mex to partly burn it and the rest for $XMEX holders

We will have to do this for all the tokens exchangeable on xExchange, not just the most exchangeable ones, ALL to move MEX forward because it is going straight into the wall, please do something

already that we no longer have the right to the metabonding reward of 75% of projects, XMEX holders are losing patience.


Hey @mexto1dollar ,

The team is full speed ahead working on xExchange v3 and all its other aspects (including buyback & burn). And we would be very grateful to anybody joining forces with us and helping.

There are technical limitations at the moment for the buyback&burn to be activated by default. Hence it is a manual time-consuming process, and applied to tokens with highest volumes.

To my understanding, at the moment, most of the total xExchange volume has buyback&burn. And having it activated each and every token would not change the situation. Please share your thoughts (and numbers especially) if you believe differently. :pray:

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As far as i remember, the percentage of buy backs and burn is 0.05% from trading value across xExchange?

Based on the data from DefiLlama, in 2023 the trading volume on xExchange was almost $780 millions which means the amount for burn was $390,000.
Since the starting of the year, we achived the $472 millions in trading volume representing $236,000.
We already saw an improvement since xExchange achived more than a half of 2023’s trading volume in just 4 months.

Before being a crypto project, xExchange is a Business and cannot give money for free, thats why us, the community and amongs staff/developers, must come with ideeas how to improve the project.

Here are some of my thoughts about improving the rates of burning:

  1. I would love to see on xExchange projects in the TOP 300 CoinMarketCap. It will bring diverisity and adoption. With more choices that we have on the xExchange, more transactions will be made. Personally i would love to keep my tokens in xPortal.

  2. Could be nice to have a function that auto unlocks those rewards that are coming weekly in form of xMEX by paying the fees.

  3. MEX Only Launchpad. What do you think about an experimental launchpad? In those launchpad the tickets it will be sold in the MEX?