In v3: 1 energy = 1,000,000 MEX locked for 1 day

The current energy thresholds for the energy leagues are:

  • Edison: 0
  • Faraday: 5,000,000,000
  • Ohm: 50,000,000,000
  • Newton: 500,000,000,000
  • Tesla: 5,000,000,000,000

Such threshold numbers are unreasonably high and are very hard for people to grasp.

Until now the convention was: 1 energy = 1 MEX locked for 1 day. This convention is only a convention followed inside the xExchange website. Nothing enforces this in the xExchange smart contracts. So this convention can freely being changed.

A more suited convention would then be:

1 energy = 1,000,000 MEX locked for 1 day

This way, the new energy thresholds for the leagues would be:

  • Edison: 0
  • Faraday: 5,000
  • Ohm: 50,000
  • Newton: 500,000
  • Tesla: 5,000,000

Which is way more readable.

This change will be effective in xExchange v3.

Please share your thoughts if you have any. :pray:


Round numbers on ranking are nice. But I calculate very rarely the amount of MEX needed to get a new ranking as ranking are not bringing more benefit than just having it.
edit : the ratio is 360, not 365
Energy relation with xMex amount is a convention, but why not to simplify the calculation we don’t divide by 3 600 000 instead and reajust the rankings. I remind user that the farms are indicating the number of energy that is missing to get the full benefit of holding MEX charged (this one is nice to be easy to calculate on a weekly basis)
This way the MEX amount locked for 1 year are directly in relation to the energy and you just have to multiply by 4 to get the full possible amount of energy that you have.


I very much support this.
Those numbers get too high, they are more confusing than useful.


The convention is on the number of zero only.

Internally, in smart contracts, 1 MEX is represented by the number 10^18. And if locked 1 day, it gives an energy represented by the number 10^18. This can hardly be changed.

Until now, we had the convention that energy had 18 decimals, same as MEX. But alike MEX where the number of decimals is hardcoded in the blockchain, the energy is not a token and the number of decimals is hardcoded nowhere in the blockchain or in smart contracts. Only the frontend assumes that energy has 18 decimals.

So instead of assuming this, we could assume in the frontend that the energy has 24 decimals, and hence remove 6 zeros from the energy amounts.


I understood now that your proposal only applies to the Front End (FE), thanks

Agree the smaller number are more meaningful.

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wanted to offer the same. too high number even for supply, those for energy was quite confusing already.

Yes! Thousand millions hurts my brain :sweat_smile: it will be less intimidating for newcomers


Hi, I would especially like to see something done with the token value in the new version of xExchange. Either a better burning mechanism or other conditions to reward everyone who is in the project from the beginning… The current rewards are inadequate in my opinion.