Make energy great again

There has been much confusion and changes over the core component on xExchange - its energy and the XMEX / MEX token.

Many find themselves as newcomers overwhelmed and uncertain as to the architecture of energy and XMEX. Whilst crypto natives are disappointed at the bifurcated economy between MEX and XMEX with arbitrary locking periods. My proposal aims to simplify and streamline the current concept into a more readily coherent UX for both sides of the spectrum.

The premise is simple: As time passes XMEX generates energy incrementally.

Energy would be calculated proportional to the number of days XMEX has not been transferred (time in wallet) in days.

The longer XMEX remains in a wallet, the greater energy generated.

XMEX would transferrable and transactable. However, if/when XMEX is transferred or transacted, any energy generated by that XMEX is discharged. Thus, the new owners of XMEX would have zero energy generated from the respective XMEX to begin with.

There would be the opportunity to ‘quick charge’ XMEX with energy, at the expense of expending XMEX to do so. This would be very similar to the current system of how energy removal works, yet the inverse. 50% of the XMEX expended for this purpose is burned, the other 50% distributed proportionally to XMEX holders based on their energy generated.

The key benefits:

Unified token & economics
As XMEX would now be transferrable, the MEX token is no longer necessary. Less confusion, more freedom of transaction around a singular token.

Hands free
No need to recharge XMEX periodically, benefitting users with ease of use.

Clear design
XMEX becomes a generator and storage of energy, time is the only other factor. More time = more energy.


How do you think that the merge of MEX batches with different time/energy can be mixed? Because this is one my problems with XMEX right now.

I would imagine a similar method that we currently have for merging XMEX batches. By averaging out the position. I’m sure there would be someone that can devise an elegant mathematical formula for such a thing.

You might not even need batches of XMEX visible on a front-end, as the calculations for time could be achieved through the block hash number of the transaction where XMEX was deposited into a wallet (sale, transfer or reward).

When selling or transacting XMEX, you could have the XMEX being utilised taken from the LEAST energy productive (newest in wallet). This could then be reflected in a UI, displaying how much energy you stand to lose in proceeding with the transaction.

Thank you very much @x89 for suggesting these alternative ways of doing!

In the design you propose:

  • People would have to pay money or to wait in order to get the benefits of XMEX. This is kind of the opposite of what we want, no? We want people to benefit immediately from XMEX.
  • People would be able to vote with XMEX full of energy and immediately after sell their XMEX. In v2/v3, locking 4 years will give you the highest energy and will also push you to take the best long term decisions as you are locked for 4 years.

These are the two main issues I see in the proposed paradigm. But if you find ways to remove these issues, this paradigm could become very interesting!

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