Tesla ranking changed significantl why

I have noticed that the Tesla ranking has changed significantly where I was once a rank 126 I’ve somehow jumped to 61. Although the obvious answer may be that all of those bailed and I moved up the ranking.

But 60+ ranking in a week or so? It’s not plausible.

Was their any change in the way your Mex ranking “energy” was calculated or ranked?

Hello xAdam,

I don’t have the answer or explanation for this change in position over a week.

However, I agree with you that it’s unfortunate there’s a lack of understanding/transparency regarding Energy.

Energy is central to xExchange, but it’s genuinely complex, and that’s not even considering the newcomers who will find it overwhelming. There’s a reference on page 10 of the xExchange v2 white paper that :

Today, I feel that this is not the case, or at least it is not easily accessible.

To alleviate this friction, a page where I can simply paste an address and it summarizes its energy (and its impact (ALL - Governance, Metabonding etc.) would be great. Plus, an API for developers to easily retrieve all this information for those building on top of xExchange would be excellent.

What’s your take on this, @lucaswillems ?

I’m not confused how energy works, unless the calculation has changed, which it doesn’t look like it, as my “energy” numbers are consistant.

Yesterday rank 61
Today rank 74
Last week 126

Since energy started I haven’t seen such a swing in what should be relativly stable.

Holders ranks ahead of me must have been removed from the calculation of ranking. If they removed the energy and fell in the rankings we would have seen a boost of $Mex rewards threw the burn and distribution mechanism.

We need to understand what has occured.

Hey @xadam ,

It was an indexing issue on xExchange backend side. xExchange backend scans the energy holders and index their energy. From this, it infers their ranking. There was an issue in the indexing part.

It was fixed a few days ago: https://twitter.com/lcswillems/status/1760967489154846877

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Hey @mathis-hyperia-labs ,

Don’t we already have what you are describing? When you connect your wallet, it will show you all the information related to energy? I think there is a subtlety I missed from your message.

Apologies for not being clear earlier @lucaswillems . I meant to say that for other wallets (those that are not ours), it would allow for greater transparency. Indeed, that would resemble what’s already available upon login. This way, we could easily see the energy of all users and how it affects their rewards and governance power.

This would, in turn, facilitate the construction of protocols / tools on top of xExchange.

Perhaps this is already the case, and I just haven’t found it yet?

Thanks in advance for your answer. :handshake:

Hi @mathis-hyperia-labs , it is clearer now!

Is there a particular case where having access to such information would be helpful? Is it just out of curiosity or are there cases where it would be needed?