xExchange "Burn to date"

Hi, I noticed we recently crossed 100 Billion MEX on the “Burn to date:” section of xExchange. That’s a really awesome milestone! But I also noticed that a little over a week ago, someone burned over 21 Billion XMEX through energy removal and that doesn’t seem to be reflected in the “Burn to date” number. Is that number only tracking the amount of MEX burned through trading swaps and farm removal fees? And if so, is there anyway to see how much XMEX is being burned?

Only 20% gets burnt 80% goes back to other holders.

I don’t know where you got that information from, but it is incorrect. Energy removal fee is 50% burn and 50% distribution. The transaction im referring to reduced their position by 42 Billion XMEX. Half of that was distributed, which is the large portion everyone received last week, and half of that should’ve been burned.

You got me on this one. Sort of

xMEX will bring aechinism by which even exits
from the energy paradigm benefit long-term contributors and holders: when users
remove energy from their xMEX, up to 80% of the whole amount is redistributed to long-
term contributors and holders.

energy removal fees (50% burn and 50% direct distribution)

So if you had 42billion xmex with full energy
You get 8.4 billn as the wallet holder. (20%)

50% of the 80% gets burnt. So 16.8 Bill
50% of the 80% to holders. another 16.8 bill

I didn’t say they had 42 Billion XMEX. I said they reduced theirs by 42 Billion. They started with 134 Billion and ended up with 92 Billion after removing some of the energy. Meaning 42 Billion is what was captured in the process. 50% redistributed and 50% burned. Meaning 21 Billion burned.

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There’s the link to the transaction.

@erd1dy42u_lrq4eq8l2 Yes, you’re right. At the moment, the burn occurring when somebody unlocks his XMEX is not counted in the “Burn to date”. But this is something we intend to change in the future.

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