Allow Transactions from xExchange

The problem

  • Everytime you login with ledger, claim tokens from metabonding or any other thing or just do some swap you have no chance to send that tokens to an address, you have to logout from xExchange and login to Wallet.
    That’s a “problem”, we should have a direct chance to send tokens from xExchange to an address in an easier way.

Hi @bnistor4 , when you claim the rewards, why do you need to send the tokens to an address? Why not keeping them in your address? Are you collecting rewards for somebody else?

Same question: when you swap, why do you need to send the tokens to an address?

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Hi so let’s dive in a step by step reply.

  • The need to send funds comes as example (1 example) when people like me, has 1 wallet on ledger and 1 for nfts/other use case. If i claim some rewards or do a swap in the exchange, i’m forced to logout/login with ledger to the wallet to send funds to my 2th wallet.
  • Same on top
  • No :neutral_face:
  • As i said, when you swap maybe you buy some $MOOVE (example) and want to send them to someone else you can’t in few clicks.

This is an “issue” that affects mostly people with ledger, not people that has defi/xportal.


Thank you very much @bnistor4 for the details!

The last point I am not sure to 100% understand is: why this problem affects people with ledger but not people that have defi/xportal?

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Sorry for the late reply.

So the “problem” is mainly related to the time. On ledger you can have only 1 session active, so when you claim a token, you have to close the browser tab, switch to another and then login back.

This things are faster with DEFI wallet and xPortal.

Anyway now that i’m thinking about, i’m not sure the idea to send transactions from xExchange it’s needed.
It add a layer of complexity in an environment that was not built for this

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I see this would be particularly great for Ledger wallet. Thanks for the explanation! And interesting idea! Indeed, transfers is not the primary purpose of xExchange, but at least it is interesting to hear the need.


I’ll join @bnistor4 on this!

Interacting with dApps with a ledger allows only one “active” tab at a time.

On the other hand, and this wouldn’t be related to xExchange, we could have the possibility to use ledger through the Extension Wallet (DeFi Wallet) similar to Metamask, Phantom or xDefi.

This would allow a smoother user experience for ledger users across the ecosystem.

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I agree with the fact that we could have a better experience for ledger with the DeFi Wallet, with and without ledger. But as I’ve seen in the last months/years? the DeFi Wallet will not be updated soon as is not a priority.

Sadly i think it’s abandoned as “tool”. Anyways this is not the place to talk about the DeFi wallet so i conclude here. :smiley:

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@joaquim Thanks for the idea! I agree that such features will be way more suited directly in the DeFi Wallet. I forward this internally. And thank you very much @bnistor4 for raising this topic :pray:

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