Moving my XMEX position on another wallet

Hi everybody,
I wanna change my main wallet for personnal reason (wanna switch to shard 1 mainly),
I would like to know if it will be possible to transfer this position as an nft for example or else in the future ?
I think it would be a great feature to implement,
Of course just transfering the position or maybe implement something similar to the exit of XMEX against a big fee for example on the NFT platforms (XOXNO, FRAMEIT) wich will eventually come back to the holders of XMEX.
What do you think about it ?


I’m agree with you @angie44120, it’s a great idea if you ever want to change your wallet.

Hi @angie44120, @nicolasdebressy

This is already possible through the Wrapped xMEX smart contract. On xExchange dashboard you can select the xMEX you wish to transfer and click on Move, then enter the drop-off address.

Don’t forget to take into account the various restrictions linked to these types of fund transfers, which have been put in place to prevent abuse.


Oh ok, well didn’t know and thank you !! I’m gonna do this then !

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Indeed you can transfer your XMEX in xExchange website @angie44120

Thanks @foudres for having provided the support!