Mistake with token transfer

Good evening.
I am desperately asking you for help…
I was transfering tokens from Coinbase to xPortal, when I made the mistake to transfer some ChainLink tokens which is not on the xExchange. Is there a way to bring back those tokens or are they lost ?
Thanks by advance.

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Hi @peyelrond7,

This isn’t the place for support but I’ll help you out.

I want to believe you sent LINK (ChainLink) through the Ethereum network to xPortal.
When you did the withdrawal request did you use your xPortal ETH Wallet Address? (starts with 0x) or your MvX Wallet (starts with erd).

If you sent it to your 0x address your LINK is still there just not visible :slight_smile:


Hey @peyelrond7 ,

I am very sorry to hear the problem you encountered. As Joaquim mentioned, maybe the tokens are not just visible.

Because the Agora is only for xExchange related discussions, I will unfortunately have to close this discussion.

But please reach out to the xPortal team who will be able to better assist you:

Or please DM me on Telegram: @LucasWillems

Good luck! :pray: