xPortal App support not responding

If I may ask. Is this email support still exist? support@xportal.com
No one else from the team is replying.

Because I send an email more than 24 hrs ago and made second email to follow the case of swapping my BTC to EGLD. The transaction for BTC was confirmed on the Blockchain see my Hash ID - e7b0efccf9e89d2a946a22b35366f87ba21a3bf18a12f095e56f404a382a6152

I didn’t receive my EGLD, see screenshot:

Any help is much appreciated.


It’s week-end they will respond tomorrow.
Can you check in Multiversx explorer the transaction, maybe is just a visual bug.

Thanks for reporting! I’ve forwarded this internally. You contact the correct email.

As the Agora is about xExchange, I will close this thread, but feel free to contact the xPortal team again if you don’t get an answer. :raised_hands:

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