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Remove unnecessary pages in xPortal.i.e. SWAP has an unnecessary page before you actually are able to swap.

Also, fix the browser extension. Keep it simple make it fresh. Add swap! Bridge? See Uniswap or Phantom. Less is more, make it crisp. I’m trying to onboard but PC users think the “wallet and dapps kinda suck”

xPortal is slow, has some glitches, doesn’t always work on first or 2nd tries, needs loading time…

Hi @jwbcrypto ,

Welcome on the xExchange Agora! This place is reserved to discussions xExchange related, and it seems your message is about xPortal and the extension. In which case I would advise you to post on https://agora.multiversx.com

Going to close this post in order to keep the focus on xExchange.