V3 Feedback - Aesthetic & description suggestions - Show, don't tell

This is a list of 3 specific recommendations and my personal opinions as I go through the site for first time:


fix the English, make it more concise and fluent sounding with better Copy writing
Delete unnecessary descriptions and redundant elements
Give the site more of a theme/identity
optimize the visual appearance, colors, and make clean, sleek, professional as possible - compare with Cetus, Uniswap, TraderJoe, etc
don’t spotlight other ecosystems coins on the wallpaper over our own unless we create some paid ad space to benefit in return

  1. The landing page header

The good: There is a clear effort to simplify compared to V2, especially visually.

My concern: There are many explanations which provide educational descriptions (good intention), but they do not add any clarity for the user, or simplify the experience. Also, the English should be optimized to be more concise, fluent, and less redundant.

For example: “Trade and earn in a simplified way - experience unmatched simplicity in crypto trading, and embrace the new standard in decentralized finance experience

Recommendations: Delete the entire statement “Trade and earn in a simplified way - experience unmatched simplicity in crypto trading, and embrace the new standard in decentralized finance experience”

An improvement: Replace with either a very brief header or a warm, inviting welcome statement.
See Trader Joe XYZ - “One-stop decentralized trading”

:slight_smile: or perhaps something like:

                                 Welcome to xExchange DeFi Hub
     Swap, Earn, and Vote on the most advanced Dex in the Multiverse


xExchange: Swap, earn, and energize your crypto on the leading decentralized trading protocol.

The Goal: Show, don’t tell. The simplicity should be self-evident. Newcomers will not be comparing the current site to the previous. Therefore, don’t remind them that this is the ‘simplified version.’ Just make it a new, fresh, and simple experience. We don’t have to teach people everything. Just make it safe and inviting to explore. It is okay if they have to google “what is a Dex”, “what is impermanent loss” , “what is an LP token” etc.

  1. The landing page visual scheme

The good: It is okay - it’s not confusing - minimalist is good

My concern: But the aesthetic of the page doesn’t POP. It doesn’t feel like … anything. The icons have no identity. It looks a little too generic. Even though it is simple, it does not feel intrinsically rewarding and fun or safe to use because it looks a bit lazy and unprofessional (to me), like an unfinished stock page. No offense. :slight_smile: this is why it is in Test.

Also, XMEX energy is completely absent. V2 was too much - but maybe some hint of electricity to give it some style would help energize the page :upside_down_face:. Maybe some magnets to make it more attractive :rofl:

More regarding the aesthetic -

Imo, the Blue X of xExchange and the blue ‘Connect’ button contrasts poorly with the greens and purples. The dark grays are muted and fuzzy - I find it slightly irritating to the eye personally.

Recommendation: Step 1: choose an identity (science/electromagnetism/robotics, or futuristic/cyberpunk/matrix, or cosmic, or medieval/feudal farming :joy:) - any can work - maybe even put it up to a community vote :slight_smile:

But give the icons and page a little more spice and fun theme for a better emotional connection to the xExchange

For example: It is okay to have a piggy bank - but at least make it a cyber style robot piggy like https://www.freepik.com/premium-ai-image/modern-robot-pig-plain-background-style-futuristic-minimalism-generative-ai_49161378.htm

Again - compare with Trader Joe XYZ, everything about this site looks very clean and fun and has an adventure theme that entices the user to explore

Or look at how sharp and clean this SUI dex is https://www.cetus.zone/
The colors are similar but much more vibrant and modern.

The Goal: once again - show, not tell
If you go to a doctor, and they are not well dressed, you will have less confidence. The website can still be simple, but also convey a professional look so the user maybe doesn’t even want to read any instructions but feels safe to start clicking even randomly to explore.

Uniswap has a nice website with 0 guiding indicators or descriptions. The website itself is so visually appealing that it conveys professionalism and security and user will feel they can just jump into Defi even though we know Eth network is far from safe. We should aim to create a beautiful site that invites the user to explore and to return for intrinsic reward of the site.

Even new people are often sophisticated and curious enough to figure out how to swap, farm, etc or they would not have navigated to a Defi Hub in the first place.

  1. Earn page background - pools/staking background wallpaper

The good: We are so generous - look at all that free advertising! Bitcoin and Ethereum right on the page

My concern: We aren’t in the business of free advertising

Recommendation: I know it is just a wallpaper or banner and probably has little impact - but maybe we highlight only the metabonding, metastaking, or xlaunchpad coins! I don’t see ETH advertising for us.
if ETH foundation wants to pay for a big ETH logo at the top of our page, then it wouldn’t hurt to make a little extra money.

But if they don’t, then maybe keep it in theme or keep the coins to MvX


Would like to add one more comment regarding the tier groups.

4: My suggestion: I prefer keeping the physicist tiers instead of changing to more common [bronze → diamond]

Although they feel more obscure, it fits with the energy theme and gives the exchange character. It is also more intriguing.


If we do change to the standard credit card style tiers, we must recognize that Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond levels are already widely recognized and intuitive to people - therefore the written descriptions of ‘beginner, this is better, this is even better, and better, this is the best’ are unnecessary.

The symbolic representation of each element/metal alloy/carbon allotrope is sufficient to connote it’s relative status in the hierarchy.

what we do need instead Rather than a descriptive explanation of the rank itself, we need to see the minimum requirements necessary to achieve each rank and the specific benefits listed in bullet point.

Ty for your attention and consideration of these points.


Thanks a lot @coincidence for the time you’ve taken writing this message to share your feedback and your thoughts :pray: :pray:

For your information, the landing page has been completely reworked for the mainnet launch.

I strongly agree with:
“Newcomers will not be comparing the current site to the previous. Therefore, don’t remind them that this is the ‘simplified version.’”

I would add that even as an existing user I don’t want to see a statement that it’s a ‘simplified version’, I should just enjoy it.
Any comparative claim (such as simpler, better, easier…) on the landing page triggers a high level of expectation which brings dissapointment for each element that doesn’t seem simplified enough.

@coincidence @martzos You can see the new landing page here:

Weird fonting problem… Instead of seeing the whole small g as the last letter of Metabonding, the lower part of the small g is cut, so it appears like an ”a”… Metabondina.
This needs a fix.