Simplify xExchange V3 landing page

I’m aware that some aspects of the current design are placeholders, but I wanted to add my thoughts on one of the more important pages. The landing page.

I understand the primary focus of xExchange V3 is to simplify the user experience, so I felt that the landing page, as the initial port of call for newcomers, should emphasise that in its visuals.

Current design:

My proposed design:

The sections of xExchange would be navigable through a carousel of ‘cards’. There would be opportunity to add some motion design and animation to these cards to enhance personality. Additionally there could be the opportunity to add details specific to each section/card; such as the past 24hrs trade volume for the trade card etc, or current TVL in pools on the pool card - for the purpose of giving xExchange at a glance.

My proposal isn’t meant to be prescriptive, but more suggestive towards a clearer, succinct design that equally isn’t devoid of personality.


Thank you very much @x89 for sharing your design thoughts!

As you mentioned, the current landing page is just for the beta version, and will be completely reworked for the mainnet release.

Thanks for sharing your suggestions which will help us better design the final landing page! :pray: