Suggestion to boost liquidity on MvX, good idea?

Hi there, I have been thinkkng of one thing lately, in reaction to the crazy yields for stables on the Hatom Protocol. I wish I could bridge USDC or USDT to MvX to profit from those yields. But since I am not a whale, the benefit I may earn will never pay back the gas fees (on Ethereum Network) to make the ERC20 transfers.
From my perspective, a good incentive would be that MvX pays me back the fees if I do such a transfer. I then think that such an initiative, combined with the current incentive on Hatom, would motivate many ordinary MvX members to transfert ERC20 stablecoins on MvX.
Do you think that might really be a good idea ? Should the core team think about it ?

Indeed, there is a high demand of stable coins liquidity for the MultiversX ecosystem based on the demand from Hatom. Agree that bridging ERC20 tokens are expensive for small amount. Anyone can use BSC bridge as well to move liquidity into MultiversX ecosystem.