Idea : finding an ext team to build a degen trading platform or a sniping bot built on top of xexchange

Hello Guys,

Another idea i have come across,

We have all seen the degen trading happening on SOLANA lately, while we all have a different points of view about it, either good/bad or very bad, in my opinion the chain should be agnostic to those points of view because the chain isn’t a political or an opinionated device. It should only provide the tools for people who want to experiment/play/earn/gamble.

Why this isn’t happening on MvX is in my opinion a clear lack of tools available for degen traders, a slow transaction time and an absence of fast bridging capital to any chains.

The latter two problems will normally be resolved in the next months when the bridge and VM will be updated and available by MvX team.

Xexchange or anydevs willing to build on MvX should take this idea into consideration.

Degens need to have a trading platform telling them live any new pools created by the second/minutes/hours timeframe on xExchange, then be able to instantly buy in and sell after, be able to bribe any validator to speed up their transactions, be able to have a charting tool next to the new pair created to earn to adjust their strategy.

The platform would of course take a little fee of every trade happening on it and validators working in sync with this platform could also earn another stream of rewards coming from priority fee.

What do you think of this idea ?

xExchange could literally explode in volumes with this, fees could be then redirected to xExchange revenu and XMEX holders for example.

An example of a platform on SOLANA like this to illustrate :

Have a good day to all,