xMEX Energy Partnerships

I would like to see xMEX energy levels integrated into dapps like hatom/ashswap/dx24 as multipliers based on energy level we have in xExchange.

Some funds from xExchange could be used as incentive to those who stake/use hatom/ashswap etc.

So as example i expect something like “ENERGY BOOSTER” as an extra multiplier for the base apy/apr we have normally. (numbers are just example).

Edison - x0.1
Faraday - x0.2
Ohm - x0.3
Newton - x0.4
Tesla - x0.5


Interesting suggestion! 2 questions:

  • For what reasons would xExchange boost the rewards on Hatom?
  • From where the funds would come from? A part of the token emissions?
  • well, there is no reason i suppose.
    I just think that taking some rewards and send them as “incentives” for participating in the ecosystem protocols could benefit both, xexchange and hatom/ash/dx etc.
    So all the people that go to hatom etc can see that they can get a small % reward in + if they has mex. this will benefit both the platforms i suppose.

  • Unclaimed Metabonding / Energy Rewards for XMEX holders
    Maybe some funds can come from this.

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Thanks for the precision! :pray:

are there as much valuable (benefit) as much effort of developers it takes? sound to me hard to implement and if there is something like 0.2% or so, those efforts would probably go somewhere else. but idea is nice

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