Propositions of new names for the energy leagues

Below you will find 5 propositions of new names for the energy leagues. You are invited to vote for the 2 propositions you prefer, and to share any feedback or any suggestion. The change will happen with xExchange v3 release.

The current names of the energy leagues are the names of scientists who contributed to the energy field. From discussions with users, the main drawback of the current names is that they are not easy to remember and order. These scientists are not well known from a significant share of people, making them hard to be remembered, and they have made non-comparable scientific contributions, making them hard to be ranked.

Let’s do a simple exercise: without looking at xExchange website, try to give the name of the 5 energy leagues in the correct order. This is not a simple task.

The names of the leagues should have the following qualities:

  1. Easy to remember. People should easily be able to list the names of the 5 leagues.
  2. Easy to order. People should easily be able to correcly rank the names.
  3. Proudness. People should be proud of the league they are in.
  4. Relevant. The names should be relevant to xExchange.

Here are the 5 best propositions the team has been able to imagine:

A. “Energized phenomena” theme

  1. Spark
  2. Lightning
  3. Fire
  4. Magma
  5. Plasma

B. “Investment” theme

  1. Explorer
  2. Investor
  3. Holder
  4. Accumulator
  5. Whale

C. “Metal” theme

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Diamond

D. “Supporter” hierarchy

  1. Explorer
  2. Believer
  3. Advocate
  4. Ambassador
  5. Champion

E. “Scientist” theme (current)

  1. Edison
  2. Faraday
  3. Ohm
  4. Newton
  5. Tesla

Now please vote for the 2 propositions you prefer. Feel free to share ideas and feedback below.

  • A. Spark / Lightning / Fire / Magma / Plasma
  • B. Explorer / Investor / Holder / Accumulator / Whale
  • C. Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum / Diamond
  • D. Explorer / Believer / Advocate / Ambassador / Champion
  • E. Edison / Faraday / Ohm / Newton / Tesla
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Personally, I prefer proposition A and will share a few reasons why. Please share your opinions too.

The names:

  1. Spark :sparkles: - The beginning of the journey, the first burst of energy.
  2. Lightning :zap: (~$20 of XMEX locked 4 years) - The logo of xExchange - When you reach this league, you get access to the Agora and become part of the true xExchange community.
  3. Fire :fire: - The first source of heat.
  4. Magma :volcano: - The material inside the Earth, so hot it is molten and boiling.
  5. Plasma :sunny: - The material inside the Sun, with a temperature approaching 15 Million °C :exploding_head:

The pros of this proposition:

  • Well related to xExchange and the concept of energy
  • Easy to remember and rank (maybe a bit unclear for Lightning ↔ Fire, but not too important)
  • Fun names
  • We could imagine a design of xExchange influenced by the league you are in: if in spark league, sparks in the background, if in lightning league, lightnings, etc…

Illustrations obtained using ChatGPT (just for illustration purposes only, won’t probably be used in xExchange):


I was originally thinking B&C, but I like the thought process behind A.


I like your thinking on Option A but also like the Investment and Metal themes. All better than the existing though

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I also voted for A. It would be nice if the theme changes depending on your rank for good visual and it will motivate the users.


Leave the Gold platinum diamond option for debit and credit cards


I’ve went C. V3 is all about simplicity so why over complicate the naming convention? Come on guys!


b or c , simple , intuitive and easy to remember


fully agree with this!

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A or C , but personally I like A, Its modern and simple, C is a little bit more classic

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Can’t get the point about renaming those league.

A is too much related in fire
B Is not bad, but the “whale” word seems bad…
C is already in place for many cards.
D, much complicated.

The one in place E fit perfectly in my opinion :)… That way, i voted E


Arcording your four request for the names I think only one proposal fullfill it. → C
If names are difficult to remember but digits behind. Like automotive industry do it.
Audi A1, A2, A3…
BMW 1series, 2 series, 3 series,…
Mercedes A class, B class, C class,…

  • Energy E1, E2, E3,…
  • Million, Billion, Trillion, Quadrillion, Quintillion
    Battery class AAA, AA, C, D, Block :sweat_smile: (joke)
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Bronze / silver / gold / platinum / diamond, sound like a video game, as here it’s a financial investment it’s really not a good thing imo.

It should stay how it is, it’s not rocket league


Voted ! Prefer A & C
let’s gooo !

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I also like this option (A) the most and find it really well connected to the energy theme. Out of all the options its also the most fun, creative and relatable. Option C seems outdated and overused. Every game, app, card and product subscription on the planet has a gold/silver/platinum tier system . I understand that this communality could represent a way to make things “simple”, but it may also make them dull and undifferentiated from the rest of the gazillion products out there.

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A for innovation and C for classical ranks (easy to remember) :slightly_smiling_face:

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