Monthly Call - Discussing further on xEIP & Ideas

The launch of the Agora has offered a great place to discuss how to improve xExchange.

In addition, a monthly call (discord?) could be a great way to discuss some preselected topics by the members of the Agora.
There are a lot of fascinating ideas that sometimes overlap others or could benefit from a presentation.

This monthly call would allow users to submit topics they would like to present and/or discuss further. I believe this would also attract other stakeholders that haven’t taken the time to read and/or participate in the Agora and bring even more perspectives.

There are several topics I would personally love to discuss further and see how they can be implemented and their feasibility.

What do you think? Would you join? Bring up a specific topic?

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Thanks @joaquim for the suggestion! :pray:

What do you think is insufficient in the Agora right now? I would say that people can express themselves here if they want already.

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