Add Category, Merge posts to better organize our debates

Hi Lucas,

Could you add some more categories or sub categories to the agora and put the subject in the corresponding categories ?

I mean i already created 2 posts regarding the user interface (Dashboard, light theme) on xExchange,

Couldn’t we have some more category to put our topics in ?


_User Interface/User Experience
_Products (SCS, Tokens, Functions, Tools)
_Tokenomics/Strategic decisions(Debate)/Marketing
_Others (Ideas Box)

Dunno what do you all think about this ?

Thanks for reading,


Hi @angie44120 !

I totally agree that having some system to organize posts would be great! I’m just a bit concerned about creating many more categories as this would increase analysis-paralysis: i.e. a newcomer who posts his first message will see all the different categories and will be paralyzed in choosing the correct one.

What do you think about having tags instead? Only two categories but posts can be tagged and then you can filter posts by their tag.

For example, I’ve just added the tag feature to this post of yours: Light Button on xExchange and Agora



Hmm why not, anyway we’re here to test :smiley:

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