Making a tracking mode for the total value of your assets on xExchange

I propose to be implemented a tracking mode for the total value you have on xExhange and how it flunctuates from a week to another week , from a month to another month , from year to year
Especially now , when you have the possibility to lock your MEX up to 4 years , I believe that to be able to track your investment from 4 years ago for example could be very practical .
The propose is to also implememt a calculator behind these values that would tell the percentage you are up or down .
It could be a button that says , Portfolio " for example and when you press it , you could see the values of it from the past and how much it values today .
In this tracking mode , everything must be included , every asset you own on xExchange and how it fluctuates over the years .

Hey @victoor, thank you very much for sharing your needs! :pray:

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