Making a tracking mode for rewards

Hello everyone !
Let me start by saying that I am not a developer nor am I anything related to the crypto space and I am not a native english spaker so i will apologise from the start for making some mistakes.
My proposal is this :

  • every week , we get rewards ( minted , from the fees collector , metabonding , etc. )
  • I , for one , I would like to be abe to track these rewards and i am talking here about the value of those rewards .
  • Something like batches but with a buton of tracking the total rewards received till the current date
    I think it would make things a lot easier for many of us , because it’s getting kinda annoyed to keep writing down my rewards every single week and to sum them up after .
    I just want to keep track of the return of my investment a lot easier and maybe I am not the single one here who encountered this problem (:

Thank you @victoor for your feedback!

Just to be sure I fully understand: you would want to continue to claim your rewards, but also have a counter that tells you how much rewards you’ve earned since the beginning, right?


Yes , you understood it corectly. And after each batch of rewards , after claiming the rewards , the counter would automatically change and add those rewards and their value to the ones that were already claimed and so , you can keep tracking your investment return 100 times more easier .