Limit Orders on xExchange | MEX / xMEX utility

Looks like we’re in the “Air-drop Period”!
What if in order to participate in @xlaunchpad Projects you would need to hold $xmex (even if only for 1 year locked) and depending on the amount you receive Project tokens?
So without $xmex you don’t get anything from the Projects after @xlaunchpad!
Probably some would sell and the price would go down but the important thing will be the Team of that Project and its “usefulness”, this is seen by the price: if the Project and the Team show seriousness and future then it would sell little or not at all but otherwise it would be a massive dump!

If you want airdrops, you can participate on hatom for USH. But for xmex and what are you saying i guess the projects that are participating in launchpads chose if they want or not to airdrop some of the tokens. Let’s keep this topic for limit orders. Maybe create a topic for airdrops and the community can debate there.

With all due respect, however, the title also says "Mex/xMex utility!
I consider “air drop” Metabonding so if a Project listing on Xexchange wants to reward the “stakers” they can do so by participating in Metabonding!
What seems to me that must be taken into account is the usefulness of Mex and as on other chains you must have a certain currency stake to receive air drop from Projects, in our xLaunchpad I think the strategy must be changed: if you want to participate in xLaunchpad Launches you must own Mex, just Mex and depending on how much Mex you own it must be directly proportional to the number of tickets you can buy!
Very important is the fact that at absolutely every launch on xLaunchpad egld was bought and after the lottery result the “non-winning” egld was sold in large proportions whereas this could be “locked” by the Team by the advantage of owning xMex even if “only” locked for 1 year!
Egld has enough utility!
This is strictly my opinion!

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