Organize an incentive Airdrop to lock $XMEX

Since it’s Airdrop season in the crypto ecosystem, the multiverseX team should organize a sort of airdrop for those who lock their MEX

At the launch of Maiar Exchange (xExchange) there was an Airdrop of $MEX which rewarded those who had $EGLD staked,

there was another kind of Airdrop at the launch of xExchange, the Metabonding boost for 3 months as an incentive,

now at the launch of xExchange v3 why not organize it in reverse, an Airdrop from EGLD (or others) to those who have their $XMEX blocked or those who lock their $MEX for a certain period

Interesting idea! Where would the EGLD come from?

From Marketing Treasury ?

make no sense to me. when your goal is like this, it cold insted make harm. like with fees on xexchange for people with “not so many xmex”.

ghere is not enough egld for every people to get substantially part. especially if someone will compare it with projects like TIA or so, which skyrocketed. because it always be in terms of USD. do you agree?