Integration of Agora in XPortal

I propose the integration of Agora in XPortal because as a user I want to have all the tools in one place. it’s easier to access, plus I couldn’t log in to Agora with XPortal from my phone, I had to log in from my PC. I would have a few more proposals related to XPortal, but I think this is not the topic of the discussion


I completely agree with this proposal. After all it’s in the name - Portal!


@vladh This is a good idea and is already work in progress. Agora should be accessible from xPortal in a few days at most I think.


Great to hear! Will it be separate or simply part of xExchange?

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It will be a new entry “xExchange Agora” in the Hub! Does it sound good to you? Basically it will be accessible in one click in the Hub.


I don’t have a strong opinion on it, but knowing it’s an integral part of xExchange as it only impacts xExchange I think it could have been included inside xExchange app.

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xExchange Agora can now be directly accessed in the Hub :zap: