Create a real Gamification for xPortal

Hello, there!
This is my first contribution to Agora, and I sincerely hope I’m doing it right.

The “Gamification” of xPortal is a topic I’d like to discuss. To begin, I believe it’s vital to inquire as to what exactly MultiversX hopes to achieve via xPortal.

In light of promises that the gamification would be “awesome” (, let’s dive in. Nonetheless, it’s monotonous and uninteresting in its core. Why would you do that? Or perhaps you need someone to devise novel assignments and merit-based incentives for you. Perhaps a variety of incentives?

My question is, why not make xPortal a better environment for everyone by actually making use of this gamification? I’m not convinced that the promise of daily XP is doing enough to attract users to xPortal. (but it gets the ball rolling)

To elaborate on what I meant, please see my tweet:

Thanks to xPortal, we were able to take gamification to new heights. Change the quests, the means of completing them, etc. You have a creative group of people around you, and this could be a fantastic opportunity to incorporate their input.
We might have quests that teach people about the blockchain, how to use it, what pitfalls to avoid, and simple exercises to help them get the most out of it, as well as quests that revolve around future features and allow you to acquire data in exchange for your help testing things.

The ecosystem is home to many exciting ongoing initiatives; why not leverage some of these to develop engaging, interactive quests around their respective decentralized applications (dApps)?

The sky’s the limit, so if you’re game, I’d be happy to contribute to the growth of this aspect of xPortal.

Well, there goes my two cents.


Hi @mibemol , great to see you here!

It seems your topic is related to xPortal and not xExchange right? The xExchange Agora should be used to discuss all subjects related to xExchange.

I am following your feedback internally though! Thanks :pray:


I see gamification in #xPortal starting with a simple function but with a booster effect for a global babylon organic adoption:

  • to be able to write, read and watch in my language what each of us write, speak or read in mother tongue.
    An AI machine self translate in my superDApp, I know, Star Trek my pocket!
    Note: for internal team!
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