Foxsy on the trading fees pool

Hello, there is a high number of trading on the foxsy token, and high fees atm. This should be already in the fees pool. People who are holding xmex locked their tokens for 4 years, so we expect better treatment and faster reactions to these events. People locked their tokens for the trading fees, not for the metaboding rewards, so this will mean the success or the fail of the whole exchange if xmex holders dont get what they were promised. Thanks.


true , its the same thing with my example the BOBER token … we did’t receive anything … I really hope that we will change all the distributed fees rewards into MEX . ALL . So that we could beneficiate of every single penny that we are entitled to .

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Yes, we significantly investigate to improve the fees collector such that buyback&burn + fee redistribution is activated on all pairs by default, without need for any manual action.

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