Dashboard button for better comprehension in xExchange


As we all probably know, whenever we click on xExchange button on the upper left corner we get redirected to our dashboard,

For better comprehension, i suggest to add a clear “Dashboard” button near the swap button, where we get redirected in our dashboard,

As for clicking on xExchange button, we should get to the presentation page of xExchange, even with our wallet connected,

It seems more coherent to me, what do you think ?


Hi Angie! There was a recent release where a dedicated dashboard button was added in the navbar (previously there was one in the sidepanel at the bottom).


I agree, i think the button should be added before the “swap” voice.

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Agree. Its not obvious that clicking the xExchange logo takes you to the dashboard.

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@bnistor4 @erd13cfvs_srqwtnerp Have you remarked that this button has been added:

And if you click on it, it brings you to the dashboard?

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Yes but to me it’s the same as the xExchange button, it’s not visible enough,

“Dashboard” just simplify things and we can see it directly right in front of our eyes.


I didnt even notice that was there but even so as angie mentions it is not visible enough. To navigate to places I want to be on any web page I use, the intuitive place to look is a clear main Nav menu item alongside other main items.

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Thanks for the feedback! Forwarding internally.


I think the last message of @erd13cfvs_srqwtnerp explain everything :slight_smile:

It’s there i know but it’s not intuitive, i believe the main navigation need to be at the middle, and on top right add the settings/experimental tokens etc.

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