Categories discussion

What are the categories still needed for? Now that the only separated category, experimental, has been changed to always be visible for everyone, what do we still need categories for at all?

I don’t know other DEXes that have categories and i don’t think we should have them either. Can we remove them? Is there a reason to have them? Are they purely Frontend or is there a difference in the smart contracts also?

Hey @cottoneyejoe ,

Nearly all exchanges have this:

  • Uniswap has the concept of list (Link) and so not all tokens are shown by default,
  • PancakeSwap has the same concept of list,
  • Osmosis has verified assets,
  • Jupiter has a “strict” list and an “all” list,
  • etc

This is only a frontend limitation. There is no categorization at the blockchain level.

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Okay. Fair comparison but they don’t really differentiate between core and ecosystem and community and experimental. Anyways i think it’s worth a discussion since it’s kinda ocnfusing to new users perhaps. What is the difference between core and ecosystem and Community and experimental?To new users it seems confusing.

Core / Ecosystem / Community categories will disappear in v3.0. :+1:

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