Features around MEX-xMEX-Energy


I made a list of features who involvs MEX/xMEX/Energy that i think would be interesting to have:

  1. MEX or xMEX for API Access
    Once the DEX is improving, also the number the APIs shoud increase. We can catalog a few API to be premium and for that to charge monthly an amount of MEX or atleast to impose an x amount of MEX to be locked for a period of years.

  2. Create a Liquidity Pool for USDC/MEX or USDC/xMEX and the advantages can be:
    Stablecoin Pairing: USDC is a stablecoin, providing a less volatile trading pair for MEX, which can be appealing for traders looking to mitigate risk.
    Increased Liquidity: A USDC/MEX pool can increase the liquidity of MEX, making it easier for users to trade in and out of the token.
    Price Discovery: It assists in the price discovery of MEX by providing a market for buyers and sellers.
    Trading Volume: Such a pool can boost the trading volume, which may attract more users to the platform.
    Earn Transaction Fees: Liquidity providers earn a portion of the transaction fees from trades executed in the pool.
    Arbitrage Opportunities: Arbitrage traders can profit from small price discrepancies, which in turn helps keep the price of MEX stable across different exchanges.

  3. MEX Burn for Customization
    Allow users to burn MEX tokens to customize their trading interface or other aspects of the DEX experience.

  4. MEX as a Subscription Fee:
    Use MEX or locking mex for subscription services within the Elrond ecosystem, such as premium features or analytics tools.

  5. Discounts for xDay or event based on your energy level.

  6. MEX as a Reward for Bug Bounties:
    Use xMEX/Energy to reward developers who find and report bugs in the system.

  7. Automatic Reinvestment Plans:
    Provide an option for automatic reinvestment of trading profits into MEX.

  8. MEX as a Ticket for Virtual/Augmented Reality Experiences:
    Organize VR/AR events or experiences, access to which can be bought with MEX or locking xMEX for a period.

  9. Premium Support Services:
    Offer premium customer support services for complex queries and technical support based on the energy level

  10. xMEX as a Stake in Decentralized Justice Systems:
    Participating in dispute resolution like delisting.

  11. MEX for Incentivized Testnet Participation: Rewards for testnet usage.

  12. MEX for Specialized Transaction Routing Services: Optimizing transaction paths.


Hey @cristi989

Welcome on the Agora! Thank you for sharing all your ideas! :pray:

Regarding 4, would you have an example of such feature or tool that could be incorporated?

What do you other people here think about?


Hello @lucaswillems
My examples are:
Exclusive Educational Content : Access to in-depth educational materials about blockchain, ,Multiversx’s technology, and specific DeFi strategies could be offered. This might include video tutorials, webinars, and expert-led courses.

Enhanced Trading Features : For active traders on the xExchange, a subscription could unlock additional trading tools and features, such as advanced order types, automated trading bots, or personalized market alerts.

Tailored Financial Services: This could include personalized portfolio management, tax advisory related to crypto investments, or early access to new financial products on the Multiversx network.

Cloud Storage Solutions : Offer secure, blockchain-based cloud storage services, where users can pay with MEX for different tiers of storage capacity, enhanced security features, or faster access speeds.

Automated Portfolio Management Tools: Subscribers could access tools that automatically balance and manage their crypto portfolios based on individual risk profiles and investment goals, with payment in MEX.

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I love this points:
3. MEX Burn for Customization
4. Use MEX or locking mex for subscription services within the Elrond ecosystem, such as premium features or analytics tools.
5. Discounts for xDay or event based on your energy level. (sad we didn’t see anything this year related this)
10. xMEX as a Stake in Decentralized Justice Systems


Thank you @cristi989 and @bnistor4 for the additional thoughts! :pray:

@bnistor4 In which case do you think MEX should be burnt and in which case should it be paid as a subscription fee? For example, why burning is more suitable in the case of the customization?

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That’s actually a very good idea among the other good ideas to create a premium holding MEX token. I have experience in using a bot system working on DEX that is checking my holding in a certain token to allow me to connect to multiple CEX or DEX in the same time and/or to have personified access to oracle/API (every min to every 1s). Something to dig into


Hello again,

It should be nice to have more engagement.
Any other thought about this?

I would love @lucaswillems to hear your opinion, even if is pro or against.

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All points are interesting! I think the main thing to evaluate would be the concrete impact of each point. This would be necessary in order to prioritize and plan. Have you dug further?

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