xExchange listing on other exchanges

hello, sorry for this topic that I’m posting, but I think that many people have posted this question many times, “what’s happening with mex?”, well, if you’ll excuse my boldness, I won’t ask this question, but I would ask another one. ‘what would happen if mex were listed on Binance, crypto.com and other exchanges?’’ the technology is there, the vision is there, but we still need people… My question would be this: “What impact would it have in the ecosystem if the Mex token were also listed on other exchanges, would it bring adoption or create a decline?” Thank you and sorry if the post bothered anyone.

Hey @flaviusciocoiu ,

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Listing on other exchanges is in the works but that’s far from an easy thing to obtain. So we are working on it, but it is unclear whenever this will happen at the moment.

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I know is very difficult but I think it’s the most appropriate time for this to happens because from what it’s going on the market… but any way I think that X exchange and mex will be the next Binance if other persons don’t think the same way we will see in 4 years