Stress Test Proposal for MultiversX

Hello MultiversX community,

I am writing to propose a stress test to assess our network scalability, performance, and overall robustness under peak conditions. This stress test aims to provide valuable insights into the network’s capabilities and showcase its potential advantages compared to other networks, especially in the aftermath of recent issues observed in networks like Solana.

The primary objectives of this stress test are:

1-Evaluate MultiversX transaction throughput under high load conditions.
2-Measure the network’s response time and latency during peak activity.
3-Assess the overall stability and reliability of the network.

The stress test will be conducted in the devnet/testnet environment to simulate real-world conditions without affecting the mainnet. This ensures that the test does not impact the live operations of the MultiversX network.

Testing Parameters:

Transaction Volume: Gradually increase the number of transactions using scripts to observe how the network handles increased load.

Smart Contracts: Deploy and execute various smart contracts to assess the performance of decentralized applications (DApps) running on MultiversX.

Node Load(if possible) Simulate a high number of nodes to evaluate the network’s ability to synchronize and propagate transactions efficiently.


Preparation Phase: TBA
Stress Test Execution: I suggest a week with the peak of activities coming after few days

The proposed stress test aims to demonstrate MultiversX capabilities under extreme conditions, showcasing its reliability and scalability. I believe this initiative will contribute valuable insights to the community and will help giving confidence in bringing new developers into the ecosystem


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Hi @lucidedev ,

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