Feedback of newbie testing

Hi there,
I m posting here for a feedback on the V3
I can’t do things anymore cause my password seems to don’t work… Even if i do some transactions before.
I try to reupload my keystore but i don’t find how to do that.
Anyway, i see the same problem as the v2 and v1 have…
It is really too complicated…
I mean, when internet start to become something mainstream, my grand-mother ask me to explain how to use the internet… If a day she ask me, how crypto works, there is no chance i show her the MultiverX project, even if i am here since the Elrond token, and love the project…
Do as simple as a monkey can use it.
Sorry for my poor english, hope you will understand.

So, for testing, i will try later if the password works correctly.

Hi @tomsou ,

To create recreate a key store, you can do it here: MultiversX Wallet

Let me know if it doesn’t help.

And regarding your feedback, thank you very much for sharing it! What are the things that you find too complicated? I would be very curious to hear. :pray:

On the new xEchange v3.0 on some of the transaction i get the reject message:

  1. when you try to claim utk rewords from staking i get the reject message on the transaction. I have tried multimple times.
  2. when you close your position on dual farming everything is ok, but when you try to go forward and withdraw it ( it says that you will have a penalty of 3%) and go forward the transaction will get rejected.

Hi @ocoll , thank you for reporting? Could you please share the transaction link for each problem? This way we could investigate. :pray: