Reduce MEX Supply

Is it possible to submit a thesis for a reduction in supply divided by 1000 as ERD did for EGLD ?

as you want to reduce Energy also why not draw attention to MEX by reducing its supply and burning all those not used or forgotten over time (MEX or LKMEX)

or why not put a system that reduces it, like 1000 MEX locked = 1 xMEX

if this is interesting I could do a long thesis on the subject with so many things that I could cover

you won’t change the price, especially when most (x)mex is locked. you will only have thousand times less mex (money)

We proposed to remove zeros for the energy because it is easy to do.

For the MEX/XMEX, this is always doable but the complexity / cost will be way way higher: a new token would need to be emitted, nearly all contracts of xExchange would need to be changed to support it, contracts to convert would need to be coded, etc.

ERD → EGLD conversion was done at a time where, if I am not mistaking, MultiversX was not even on the mainnet phase, or it was at a phase where not much was built around EGLD.