Total supply & Max supply of MEX

I’ve been looking on CoinMarketCap at MEX, and I noticed that the total supply and Max supply are not shown. Does anyone know the numbers for those statistics? Thanks!


I think the MEX ↔ XMEX conversion makes it difficult to calculate a Max supply.
The current MEX supply can be seen on the xExchange homepage.

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For now the supply is here, 4 Trillion Mex :

But when xExchange 2.0 was announced on xday 2022, a total limit supply was extrapolated from the tokenomics update on mex but it can’t be trusted as of now because at the end of the schedule rewards a proposal will be submitted to the mex holders to either pursue the decrease of inflation or instate a viable inflation model, so for now it’s impossible to determine the exact final number.

For your information the block time of MvX is actually 6 second, there is approximatively 5 256 000 block in 1 year, so for this year mex has gained approximatively 1.8 Trillion more mex (350k mex/block), next year is going to 1.36 Trillion and you continue like this until the fifth year for now, do the calculation yourself i’m too lazy sorry :rofl:

Edit : Also MvX core team stated that they will probably lower the block time to 3s in the future with new updates of MvX (Sirius or andromeda release didn’t remember) and i still have seen no coverage of what it implicated for MEX or other tokens associated with rewards per block (Maybe can someone more knowledgeable be able to respond).


Thanks @martzos and @angie44120 for helping here!

Regarding the 3s decrease of the block time, there is no ETA for this change yet. And if this change happen, the most natural decision would be to divide by 2 the rewards per block. I am not saying we will necessarily do exactly this. Just sharing out loud some thoughts.


Mex needs more utility in order for xmex/energy to be a viable investment.

I wouldn’t vote for Mex pairs for the moment as long as there are a lot of unlockings coming in the next years

  1. I would rather use it as a fuel for every transaction made on the dex, not only swaps, but also energy update, lp creation, metabonding and metastaking harvests etc.

  2. Beside that, Mex should be launched on major exchanges, Binance, kraken wtv

  3. Mex should have a max supply or if not, Mex shouldn’t be used as exit liquidity/being treated as an incentive and just that. I can’t see the bottom of the valuation in this case

  4. mini dex template for everyone to create one and idk, giving imagination a chance and mint/collet rewards in another token based on an nft you have. Maybe something similar to quantumX and SuperRareBears. What is the main point here is that every mini dex created based on xExchange should have again Mex as fuel token for every transaction.

  5. treat Mex as a first class citizen. Cashback for xcard in EGLD or 5x in XMEX.
    Or increase cashback percent from e.g. 0.2% for 25 egld staked to 0.25% for 25 egld staked and 150bln energy…just numbers, but you get the idea

  6. make it very attractive in terms of perks, similar to cryptocom
    For every tier of locking, they gave some perks for xcard. Imagine having 100mils Mex locked 4 years and you get Prime free. Or 500 mils locked 4 years and you get airbnb 10% discount. Again, just numbers.

  7. for every cross chain swap, burn Mex

  8. decrease the percentage of matebonding every project should allocate to just 5%. In this case the metabonding/airdrop would have double triple number of projects. Then xmex would count even more

  9. different SC integration in xPortal for xmex/energy holders. For every on chain/cross swap to pay less network fees if you hold energised xmex.

  10. in order to list a token in xExchange lock 100mills Mex for 4 years (or so)

I think for the moment it’s enough from my part. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more ideas. I just scratched the surface.

@lcswillems I would like to hear your opinion on these points

You can find me at herotag @asaplupino



Hey @asaplupino , thanks for sharing your feedback! What do you mean by “mini dex template”? I am not familiar with what these projects did.

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Thanks for responding @lcswillems! I mean to create an exchange template (like wordpress templates). If I want to build an exchange and just enhance it a bit, but I don’t have either the time to build it from scratch, or the skills, allow me to use the template of xExchange. It may look similar to JungleDex back in the day. I’ll have all the basic/core smart contracts in that template. And because I’m using this kind of template, myself and users should be restricted to burn only mex at every transaction.

Even if I’m not going to list MEX as token on my DEX, giving the fact that xExchange is the parent of my wanna-be dex, MEX should be used as txs.

Maybe you’re going to ask who’s in for this? the influencers with a certain passion in Defi. The ones who can bring adoption to the DeFi space but don’t have the time, or skills, to build a DEX. But would rather invest in the future in this DEX to enhance it or to update it to further xExchange Templates.

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Thanks @asaplupino for the follow-up precisions! :pray:

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