Charging your XMEX without breaking XMEX-LP-pairs

What I suggest:

We need a way to charge the energy of the MEX-part inside of an LP pair.

Reasons for me personally:

  1. Currently you have to unstake, remove liquidity, charge, hope price didn’t change drastically, add liquidity, stake. It’s quite a long and annoying process. I would much rather cut it down to, “unstake, charge, stake”.

  2. Since I live in Germany, here in Germany removing and adding to LP pairs is a taxable event. I don’t want to do that every time I charge. That’s a lot of additional paperwork for such a trivial thing. Also I don’t want to have to time the charging operation :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for participating to the Agora and sharing your feedback! :pray:

I completely see the pain point here.

There are technical difficulties in batching these particular actions, especially because breaking EGLD-XMEX LP might give you MEX tokens right now, so it is unclear how this MEX tokens should be handled.

Of course, we will see what can be done here!

I am just moving this topic in General Discussions . To publish in xEIP Drafts , the post should be an xEIP draft and follow the xEIP template. :pray: