Reduce Burn rate of MEX unlocking

Reduce the burn rate of $MEX when unlocking earlier,

80% is a bit too much, maybe lowering it to 50% for 4 years will motivate people to unlock and maybe burn more $MEX and make it more inflationary

assumption :
50% for 4 years
40% for 3 years
30% for 2 years
25% for 1 year

can perhaps increase the burn rate per transaction or for withdrawal of LP earlier at the same time for better deflation.


What makes you think 80% is too much and that 50% would be better?

If we follow your reasoning that decreasing the fee => more unlocks => more burn, why not putting e.g. 10%?

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I think 80% is a protection against burns, 50% remains high costs but lighter on the conscience to unlock and burn.

this is only a psychological point of view, it is certain that 10% is not high and will encourage everyone to unlock without significant burn.

I hope to be understood, thank you