Reduce Burn rate of MEX unlocking

Reduce the burn rate of $MEX when unlocking earlier,

80% is a bit too much, maybe lowering it to 50% for 4 years will motivate people to unlock and maybe burn more $MEX and make it more inflationary

assumption :
50% for 4 years
40% for 3 years
30% for 2 years
25% for 1 year

can perhaps increase the burn rate per transaction or for withdrawal of LP earlier at the same time for better deflation.


What makes you think 80% is too much and that 50% would be better?

If we follow your reasoning that decreasing the fee => more unlocks => more burn, why not putting e.g. 10%?

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I think 80% is a protection against burns, 50% remains high costs but lighter on the conscience to unlock and burn.

this is only a psychological point of view, it is certain that 10% is not high and will encourage everyone to unlock without significant burn.

I hope to be understood, thank you


80 is just to much especially if someone has an hardship and really needs it
And%10 is just to low period…
%50 seems perfect
But also maybe have diff tiers of locking up each with a different benefits
I would start with the %50 1st

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Luc, i have to questions for you… then you´ll answer yourself. Are MvX team want to lock users, or want to users to unlock and burn?? Then second - are you in will to unlock with 80 percent fee?? I am not an rather wait. So, no burn. At least from me. With less, i would do.

Then - 50 percent for one year make no sense with curve like that. 80 percent for four is too hugh, but yeap, it for for quite long period. No problem, but little adjustment would (could) make miracles. I can tell a story - we had in our county shoes sellet, he started always with prices like 999.9 to get the most but not look too expensive like with start one decimal more, no real change, but look at 999,99 vs 1000,00. It can be 78 percent, not 80. No harm, but i can bet my hand that would people at least think more about unlocking. Just think again.

ad2. still cannot find unlock from 2 years to zero, probably intention, but WHY if they can even from four years?

and yes - do not punish people with 50 percent for one year, look bad. but of course not much less, if they decide. i like anything as 45 percent.

ad3. someone already said it - would be really nice to give people option when adding LP token if they want locked rewards or unlocked with that penalty. many would emotionally click on unlocked. like with v1. so more unlock.

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50% is great… for half time. for two years. probably little less. for FOUR? not less than 66.666%

ergo…simple 80% is not the SWEET SPOT when many people unlock, but enough keep locked. when (if) unlock just a few, then after four year is high probability (because the supply which will then be unlocked) that is gonna happen the same like with first unlock. chose wisely. you have two years to fix it because it will be late.

i don’t think you dont want the mex unsuceeded and people “angry” (anxious, nervous). you already saw it before. learn from your mistakes.

I DON’T SAY my numbers would be sweet spot, i really could’t figured out it, but what i am saying, 80% is NOT the sweet spot. do you feel it…yet?

Hey @jahoda

How would you determine the sweet spot for the percentages?

ad3. someone already said it - would be really nice to give people option when adding LP token if they want locked rewards or unlocked with that penalty. many would emotionally click on unlocked. like with v1. so more unlock.

Yes, makes a lot of sense to propose this :+1:

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u can start with yoursef,…are mvx team satisfied? do they think to ppl burning “quick enough”? any room for improvements? an then ask, give them numbers and ask are you will to unlock with 80% fee? mention now only 4 year unlock fee, because rewards are locked

you cannot find sweet spot untill you try. but there was no other option than this. there was no agora (i know - no tokenomics proposals…)

  1. if you’re able to listen, do new year/summer/whatever compaign. imho month is good to verify the results. compaign where for month there will be 10% sale for burning fee. which is 72% and show it and promote, even for 4 year period. then you gonna see.

  2. ask people when they are in will to unlock, do non-binding survey or you’ll get too many answers. even then you won’t know, because don’t know how many xmex people own (or do you😉), with non-binding voting you would know. but skip this part, take too much time.

…any number between 80-66(2/3), i am not crazy, less is probably too little because it could be suddenly overfloated with mex.

probably i messed some parts because i jumped between the thoughts

like they say: do not screw it, try, get feedback, fix things and do it better and then…just repeat it. always is room to improve. especially when you do small steps lik the apple

great ideea for change the amount of burn rate of mex unlocking i think this is the way 4 years means 48 months lets say 48% for 4 years and every month we substract 1 % thats simple and fair

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easy to count. BUT in bullmarket would do it everyone (who is imho not insane…because bear market). too much unlocks are not good as well . 1.5% per month look better

that would be cool, it would encourage a lot more people to get out of $XMEX and therefore burn it

yeah. look much more digestible…

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