Proposal for xPortal increase user number

I have a proposal for the Team regarding the xPortal card, a proposal that I believe will considerably increase the number of users:
Once the IBAN appears, as far as the Team’s financial possibilities allow, offer cash-back on the MultiversX card of 10% ( or other percentage) on utility bills (including cable+internet) and taxes!
From what I’ve noticed, at the beginning of each year a large portion of the population (mostly) past a certain age pays the current year’s taxes because they get a 10% discount so people are very attracted to these discounts!
On the other hand Mastercard also offers 10% cash-back at many partner locations!
I’m thinking that offering these discounts strictly on this branch and having no competitor (for now) would increase users significantly!
I’m not just talking about Romania!

Hi @brain74 ,

This is a forum for xExchange related discussions only. Please reach out the xPortal team directly. :pray: I’m going to close this thread.