Option to cancel unstake before 10 days for xportal

i dont know if its correct but i remember something about this was sayd when updated from maiar to xportal, but it would be nice to have a option to cancel the unstake of egld from agencies before the 10 days to withdraw if users change their mind, maybe set a bigger fee for the transaction as “punishment” ?

be carefull with punishing any member of comunity…,

what do you mean? did you not understand what i wrote?

I think the right term is penalty. Not having a reward while waiting to unstaked the EGLD is enough as penalty.


whatever word suits user, thats just the one that came when i wrote, english is not my native language…… anyway , yeah totally forgot about not collecting rewards in that period :grin:

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not sure. but have you understand what did you write? higher fee, punishment… not my words

of course, that user shouldn’t be recieving rewards during unstaking. but i think, that it is aplied already, isn’t it?

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