Cancel Unstake bottom please

Today’s xMoney debocle has left us the community wanting a “cancel my unstake” button.

I propose 2 things.

  1. A cancel unstaking burron to put your crypto back into the pool. Protects users from projects poor communication. As we’ve seen with $UTK 3 days ago The rewards were cancelled. Instead of communicating with the community, we see many people proceeded to unstake their $UTK. Today out of the blue while thousands are stuck in the middle of unstaking process, xMoney offers 50% apr.
    This is a slap in the face to the community.

  2. If a project cancels their pool or cancels the rewards, make them wait 10 days before that can retop it up; same as those who stake their #UTK have to wait 10 days. This can amount to insider trading if poor communication, has some doing one action while others seem to be aware of the next steps.
    The other option is if a pool runs dry of rewards or cancels the staked crypto should be automatically returned back to the holder wallet.

How xMoney has treated their community via poor communication, exposed a flaw in the system.

Beni’s countdown landed $UTK holders with a slap on the face with 1 day to go.


Thank you very much @xadam for sharing your feedback :pray:

If the point 1 was implemented (we allow people to cancel their unbonding), would the point 2 still be needed?

The first allows you to cancel an unstake

The second automatically unstaked if a project cancels rewards.